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Sustainability Engineering Group Newsletter – November 2017

LEEDing and Developing Smart Projects

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Prominent environmental advocate talks sustainable buildings at ASU

Hayes said getting the next generation to make sustainable pushes is crucial for lasting change. He also said that for changes to happen in Phoenix, an area where heat has given it a reputation as one of the least sustainable in the world, institutions like ASU will have to make the push.

“My sense is there have been some political leaders here who have been pretty progressive – unexpectedly progressive,” Hayes said. “But leadership from Phoenix is going to be coming from places like ASU, and churches and other institutions.”

The student pavilion, where Hayes gave his talk, is ASU’s first zero net energy building and its greenest building to date. Mick Dalrymple, director of University Sustainability Practices, said the panel was inspiring.

“To be able to have the founder of the first Earth Day come … basically before this building is even officially christened, to have him come and speak in it, is exciting,” Dalrymple said. “This building is on the frontier, and he’s talking about a frontier that’s even further. It’s inspiring to hear him ask where we’re going to go next.”

Dalrymple also said that the talk acts as a reminder that while ASU has made strides such as building an environmentally friendly student pavilion, there’s always room for further improvement.

“This is going to be a LEED-certified platinum building, and you can’t get there without addressing these issues,” Dalrymple said. “But a living building is another leap up. Hopefully we can have one here on an ASU campus, or we can inspire people in the local community to make the push.”


Bill Gates Building Arizona ‘Smart City’

Billionaire Bill Gates just bought up a whole bunch of land in Arizona, reportedly with plans to build a massive “smart city” using futurist high tech gadgetry.

According to a press release from the real estate investment firm Belmont Partners sold a 40-square mile parcel of land-roughly the size of Tempe-in western Maricopa County for $80 million.

Belmont Partners, which generally deals in large parcels meant for big-box retail projects and shopping malls, made the sale to Mt. Lemmon Holdings, a company controlled by Gates’ investment group, Cascade Investment.

According to the announcement, the land will be used to develop Belmont, a “master-planned community” that will “transform a raw, blank slate into a purpose-built edge city built around a flexible infrastructure model.” It will feature 80,000 residential units, 3,800 acres for industrial, office, and commercial space, 3,400 acres of “green space,” and 470 acres dedicated to public schools.

The statement continues:  Belmont is one of the largest privately owned, undeveloped properties in Arizona … The new investment will help Belmont become a template for the development of a sustainable city capitalizing on cutting-edge infrastructure.

Accoring to Belmont Partners manager Larry Yount, that infrastructure will include:

– advances in solar power and electric distribution systems

– autonomous auto testing,

– broadband Internet development, and

– next-generation data centers


$400K TNC’s Future Forests Project
Salt River Project’s Board of Directors has approved a $400,000 contribution to The Nature Conservancy in AZ to support forest restoration on the Verde River watershed.  The SRP contribution…
Sustainable building is also the smartest
The team designed 30,000 sensors to be placed every two feet throughout the office, measuring every aspect of lighting, CO2 levels and humidity. The building’s brain can make decision by itself…
LEED: The Way to a Green Future
Property owners and builders across the United States are recognizing that building with sustainability in mind is good for more than just the environment, but also for the bottom line.
Material Strategies for Construction
Next-generation material approaches must increasingly address material effects both within and beyond an architectural project. Significant improvements are possible at the intersections…
Search Is On For 2018 Green Lease Leaders
To receive Green Lease Leaders recognition, organizations must meet 2 prerequisites and earn 5 or more credits for best practices such as: utility data tracking and sharing; cost recovery for efficiency…
Tiny homes bringing big business
Coconino County approved rules for tiny homes… the county’s sustainable building program manager, has been contacted by “at least a couple people a day” who are interested… in a tiny home.
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