SEG was founded as a leader in sustainable civil engineering site design.

Since its formation in 2009, SEG has completed nearly 200 high profile land development projects throughout the nation.

SEG was founded on the concept of using an ecologically conscious approach to civil engineering to help preserve our environment better serve the public, private, and government sectors. Our approach embeds sustainable principles within development proposals throughout the process – from site selection to operation and management.


A balance of all impacts from end-of-life considerations to durability and performance go into every single one of our projects.




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  • MCDOT On Call Engineer

    SEG On-call engineer

    Ali Fakih– Scottsdale Design Review Board Member

  • SEG New Office

    SEG New Office

    SEG New Office

  • Gelding Office Expansion

    Gelding Office Expansion

    Gelding Office Expansion

  • Start of Architecture Department

    Start of Architecture Department

    Start of Architecture Department


A commitment to a culture that empowers team members to become strong leaders who provide, and deliver quality service, ideas, performance and projects to our clients and the community. Our passion for engineering, architecture, and quality flows through everything we do.

The office architecture is open, a metaphor for SEG’s open door policy. At any given moment, team members can be seen collaborating and sharing ideas for the successful completion of projects. The atmosphere in the office is always positive, calm and transparent. As a young, small firm, SEG is growing its programs from a non-traditional base, accepting continual input from the team, the soul of the firm. Everyone has an equal footing for voicing their technical and professional cultural opinions.