Sustainability Engineering Group Ranked 4th

Ranking Arizona, the Best of Arizona Business has honored SEG with it’s debut ranking in the TOP 5. It is truly an honor to be named one of the TOP Civil Engineering Businesses in Arizona for 2018. “John Quincy Adams once said, ‘If your actions inspire others Best Civil Engineering Firm in Arizona Ranking Arizona Business Top 5to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader,'” said AZ Big Media Publisher Cheryl Green. “We are recognizing organizations that are doing just that by driving innovation, carrying out visions and producing success in a way that stands out from the competition. All the finalists… are innovators who excel, who are passionate about making Arizona a better place to do business, a better place to live, a better place to play and, most importantly, who help create a better place to stay,” Green said.

Phoenix becomes one of the first LEED-certified cities

LEED for Cities enables local governments to measure and track citywide performance by focusing on outcomes, rather than intent. Cities are evaluated across 14 key metrics, including energy, water, waste, transportation, education, health, safety and equitability. Washington, D.C., and Phoenix, Ariz., are the first cities to achieve certification through the program and earned LEED Platinum, the highest level of certification…  Initial grant recipients include San Jose, Denver, Phoenix, Atlanta, Washington, D.C. and Chicago.

Top five green building trends for 2018 – According to the Canada Green Building Council

1. Zero-carbon not zero-energy: Transitioning to low- or zero-carbon construction is an essential aspect of sustainable building practices.
2. Going retro(fit): Updating existing buildings and improving their energy efficiency will help Canada meet its long-term goal of reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.
3. The value of data: Analyzing available data and research will help identify areas for improvement and optimization…

Zero-energy buildings see big boost – Education, offices and multifamily comprise 72% of zero-energy commercial buildings.

Buildings account for 40% of the country’s energy use, so it makes sense that zero-energy buildings, which are defined as buildings that generate at least 100% of their own power from onsite renewable sources or from sources built specifically for the project, are growing. Take Arizona State University, for example. Its new Interdisciplinary Science and Technology Building (ISTB-7) will capture and convert carbon, recycle water and use minimal energy.

Green Building Design Gaining Momentum – An explosion in certified green buildings

Green district certifications have ramped up slowly over the decade since the US Green Building Council unveiled LEED-Neighborhood Development. Now communities, health advocates, and market forces are driving new developments in sustainable construction. An explosion in certified green buildings has led sustainable-infrastructure advocates to push for more neighborhoods, campuses, business districts, and cities…

World’s First Freeform 3D Printed House – will be supported on a curved printed lattice structure

The wonder of 3D printing technologies have been ebbing and flowing in and out of the housing design realm. Here, WATG and Branch Technologies take a different approach to combine 3D printing with conventional building for a more efficient, lower cost construction. The first example of a hybrid 3D printed building, combining large-scale additive manufacture with traditional construction materials and techniques, will break ground in the US this spring.


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