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April 2018 – Sustainability Engineering Group Newsletter

See 10 Of America’s Most Inspiring Green Buildings

The Committee on the Environment of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) recently announced its top 10 buildings of 2018, and they’re an inspiring look at the state of green building today.The COTE Top Ten honors projects for their design and performance excellence in relation to their social and natural environment. That includes everything from Olson Kundig’s Sawmill House in the Mojave Desert, a 5,200-square-foot, single-family home that operates completely off-grid….




Can desert cities such as Tucson and Phoenix make water sources sustainable?

Can a place where water is hard to come by and heat is hard to escape sustain a growing population? Some say it can’t, insisting that cities have no place in the desert. Given carefully considered and collaboratively conceived water management, urban planning and architecture, University of Arizona experts Sharon Megdal, Ladd Keith and Christopher Domin say otherwise. Unlike the future of desert dwelling, the challenges…



SCALE UP program to help AZ Businesses become for sustainable now open.

A coalition of local businesses and nonprofits throughout the state are collaborating to develop and launch a new pilot program that will make it easier for local businesses to save energy and money by implementing sustainable practices. The new Sustainable Communities Accessing Lending and Expertise Upon Performance (SCALE UP) program is an exciting new opportunity, emphasizing local energy, water, and transportation conservation; training businesses to apply concepts and practices of benchmarking, evaluation, and implementation of upgrades for their business facilities coupled with financial incentives..



Taking High-End Green Living to a New Level, Experts Advise Homeowners… 

You switched to LEDs, covered the walls with low-VOC paint and invested in natural fiber furnishings. But for your home to be truly eco-friendly, there’s so much more to consider-especially as residential and commercial buildings now account for 32% of greenhouse gas emissions when measuring electricity end-use, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. With Earth Day upon us, sustainability-minded homeowners in the luxury market should approach their next purchase or major renovation with three main priorities in mind, said Asa Foss, director of Residential Technical Solutions at the nonprofit U.S. Green Building Council in Washington, D.C..



Driving Economic Growth in AZ with Smarter Technology

Autonomous vehicles, smart cities, and how Arizona is poised on the leading edge of what Timothy Burr, director of public policy for Lyft, dubbed “the third transportation evolution” were the overriding trends featured at the conference. The state’s emerging status as a hub for innovation and a place where practices and concepts that comprise smart cities and new methods of transportation are being incubated. The state has become a test case for self-driving cars, but it is also attracting companies such as startup Nikola Motor Co. which plans to build a $1 billion factory to produce hydrogen electric fuel cell tractor trailers in Buckeye, west of Phoenix.



Sustainability Engineering Group Ranked 4th

Ranking Arizona, the Best of Arizona Business has honored SEG with it’s debut ranking in the TOP 5. It is truly an honor to be named one of the TOP Civil Engineering Businesses in Arizona for 2018. “John Quincy Adams once said, ‘If your actions inspire others Best Civil Engineering Firm in Arizona Ranking Arizona Business Top 5to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader,'” said AZ Big Media Publisher Cheryl Green. “We are recognizing organizations that are doing just that by driving innovation, carrying out visions and producing success in a way that stands out from the competition. All the finalists… are innovators who excel, who are passionate about making Arizona a better place to do business, a better place to live, a better place to play and, most importantly, who help create a better place to stay,” Green said.


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