5 green building trends for 2018

I asked eight of my favorite green building experts one question: “What notable trends do you see emerging in commercial green building in 2018?” Finally, I baked their insights and my follow up research into five green building trends for 2018. Here they are: More employers seek to improve indoor air quality for workers… Better tools make material transparency more practical… Healthy buildings move from next big thing to current big thing… Solar energy clears Trump-era hurdles to enjoy continued growth… Resilience becomes a bigger factor in infrastructure planning.



Can Solar help kick the water bottle habit?

This AZ startup wants to help you and your business

The explosion of commercial and residential rooftop solar photo voltaic installations over the past five years has created serious mind-share for distributed energy technologies. Now, Scottsdale, Arizona-based startup Zero Mass Water is borrowing that philosophy to disrupt the way people can access clean drinking water.



5 tricks to increase your productivity in 2018

It’s tricky to sustain that productivity

Productivity tends to come in spurts, but here are five tricks to help you maintain top efficiency throughout the day. Set a morning routine… Track your day… Know yourself… Take mental breaks… End with a routine… As you establish healthy habits and routines, you’re setting yourself up to be more and more efficient on the job and more content in other areas of your life.



Strong Valley housing market sets bar

2017… one of metro Phoenix’s best-ever years

An early tally shows 93,500 Valley houses changed hands last year. That’s 6 percent higher than home sales in 2016. “Only 2004, ’05 and 2011 were better years for home sales,” said Tina Tamboer, senior housing analyst with the Cromford Report. And in those years, the Valley’s housing market was far from normal. The housing boom, fueled by subprime mortgages and speculators, started in 2004 and was in full swing during 2005.



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